10 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

October 18, 2016

10 Video Marketing Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid

Video is increasingly popular and is a great investment for your business. Using video is a powerful way to reach a variety of markets and help engage your audience.

However, using a poorly produced video often ends up doing more harm than good. A video is a reflection of your company and brand, so to help ensure you get off on the right foot we’re sharing the mistakes you should be avoiding when it comes to video marketing!

Are your videos doing more harm than good?

Here are 10 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid!

1. Having No Aims and Objectives

If you have no purpose, aims or objectives for your video, then you will never be able to determine if you have been successful with what you were hoping to achieve. It’s unlikely you’re just making a video for the sake of it, so setting out some aims will help you plan a video in line with achieving your objectives.

2. Forgetting Branding in Your Video

You could be using a video and it could be extremely popular with thousands of views, but if you’ve not included your company’s branding then you have not produced a successful video. Using video helps engage the audience with your brand and helps viewers remember who you are. If you don’t emphasise your brand or company name in your video, how will your viewers know who you are?

3. Making The Video Too Long

Research shows that 20% of people click off of a video after just 10 seconds if it is not engaging enough; the longer a video is the less likely people are to watch it until the end. It is important to remember that you will want to get your messages across quickly and effectively so that the viewer does not drop off before you’ve had the chance to communicate to them. A well planned video that engages viewers will have more views right to the end.

4. Sending Out Too Many Messages

It is important that your video has a strong message throughout. Having previously defined your aims and objectives will help you understand what message you want to send out. Sending out too many messages in a short time period can confuse viewers and they will not know what to take away from your video.

5. No Call to Action

What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video? By including a call to action within your video, you will encourage the viewer to take that action. Viewers are unlikely to do anything at all if you leave them with no action to take. Make it clear what you want the viewer to do and you are more likely to see results.

6. Not Using SEO

Simply posting your video online and hoping people will watch it, is not enough. The foremost aim of any video is for it to be found and watched but for this to happen, you need to optimise the video. SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial for helping boost your search engine rankings and increasing your chances of it being found. If you don’t use optimisation techniques then your video will have less chance of it working it’s best for you.

7. Expecting Instant Views

In an age where most things are quick and instant, it is important to remember that some things you still have to be patient with; video is one of those things. It is unlikely that your video will gain you thousands of views in just a few days and gaining more views is aided by optimising your video and marketing it. Being patient and working to achieve views and popularity will help your video work well for you.

8. Unsuitable Placement of Selling Points

You need to ensure that you place your selling points and call to action suitably in your video. Don’t forget, viewer engagement tends to drop towards the end of your video! If your audience click off before seeing your call to action or selling points then they will not know what action to take after viewing and your video will not achieve the objectives you set out at the start.

9. Failing to Speak to Your Target Audience

Trying to make a video that appeals to everyone just won’t work – different people have different interests! You need to focus on your target audience, you already know who they are and what they want, so you can adapt your messages and script to suit them. By being too broad and trying to focus on everyone, you run the risk that your message would be received or acted upon.

10. Choosing The Wrong Video Company

We would add this one of course!  However, on a serious note it is important that you choose a video company that understands your company, your brand and your ideas to ensure that a  video is produced that portrays your business in the best light, and achieves results! Of course, feel free to contact us here at Ginger if you’d like to discuss any aspect of video production.

We hope you have found this post about video marketing mistakes to avoid useful.  Hopefully it will have given you an insight into how to produce a video that will work for you, as well as a few ideas about how you can successfully market your videos.

You can see some examples of the videos we have produced in our Portfolio.

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Written by Neil Ginger

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