How to Win Business with Video

How to Win Business With Video

If you’re looking to learn how you can win business with video you’re in the right place, as a video production company we can help.

Many people use video without thinking through a strategy that will deliver tangible results for them! The key to using video to grow your business is developing a video strategy.

Why use video in sales and marketing? 

  • Video is an easy and convenient way for customers and potential clients to consume content.
  • Video has a very positive impact on website SEO.

8 steps to producing a video that will help you win business

Here is a brief outline of the 8 steps that will help you successfully use video to win business:

  1. Define your purpose: set your goals and decide the outcome you wish to achieve by using video, it is also important to decide who you are trying to reach.
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  2. Pick the right video for your purpose: there are many different types of videos to choose from; knowing the purpose and outcome you wish to achieve will help determine the best suited type of video for you.
  3. Pick the right length for your video: the correct length of the video is directly related to the purpose of your video. The optimum length for the video is chosen once the best suited type has been decided too.
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  4. Build your brand identity: you can use the power of video to build your brand identity. You can feature it on your website, on social media and in your marketing.
  5. Boost your website effectiveness with video: video engages attention on your website. It helps increase web traffic, sales and conversions as well as overall improving search engine rankings.
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  6. Use video SEO: you can optimise your video by adding SEO to it so it becomes more discoverable in the search engines and your target audience are more likely to find it too. Google will just see a blank screen if you add a video without any SEO!
  7. Distribute and promote your video: it’s crucial to plan how you are going to push the video out to your target market, so develop a plan for the distribution and promotion of your video!
  8. Use Paid video advertising: Most social media platforms now have paid advertising available. You should choose sites that are best suited to your company and are where your target market are found.

Ultimately, this is only a brief outline of  ‘How to win business with video’. If you’d like to find out more about winning business with video, we have a free eBook available; just pop your details in the contact form in the sidebar and we’ll send you a copy.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or if we can be of any help with either video production or video marketing please don’t hesitate and just give us a call.

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