Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are an extremely effective way to market your brand and increase your sales.

They are a great method of breaking down complex messages and communicating with your viewers. A Whiteboard Animated video is video which is an animated hand that draws caricatured images, with the aim of explaining a point. They are also known as Dynamic Illustrations.

Each of our productions are bespoke and individually hand drawn by our team. Therefore we can draw any kind of scenario with any style of character- if you can imagine it, we can draw it. We can personalise the animation using your branding and even the characters we draw.

Types of whiteboard animation videos we produce:

We produce 4 different types of whiteboard animated videos for our clients.  

  1. Whiteboard Video: fully hand drawn, black and white and static scenes
  2. Whiteboard Animation Video: as above but the addition of colour and more environmental detail
  3. Whiteboard and Animation Fusion: as Whiteboard Animation with the addition of Motion- which is movement that makes it more like animation
  4. Whiteboard and Filmed Video Fusion: Whiteboard Animation with the addition of  filmed Talking heads video

Click on a box below to see example videos of these styles:


Our whiteboard animation productions include:

Our experienced and professional team will help bring your video to life, from initial concept through to your final high-quality video production.

We provide an all-inclusive service, with a full, comprehensive transparent pricing, so you know exactly what’s included – so no surprises.

Here’s an outline of what’s included in our video productions.

Take a look at our 7 step video success strategy for more detail about how we work.

The  Video Marketing page will give you more information about video marketing and how we  work with you to build a strategy for the video production.

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