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Videos for social media campaigns 

Are you looking for an experienced video production company to produce professional, quality social media marketing videos that will help you to win and retain clients?

Here at Ginger we have the knowledge and skills to produce tailor made social media videos that will; meet your business aims, engage your viewers, communicate your message and encourage the viewer to take action.

Examples of social media videos

Below is an example of a social media video that we have produced. To see more examples of our work please take a look at our video gallery.


What is social video marketing?

Video marketing has moved on from just using YouTube, and from marketers simply embedding videos into posts on social media.  Social video marketing is integrating short length videos into your social media strategies in creative ways on a regular basis.

It’s not suitable to just use the same video on each social media platform. Most marketers do understand that different platforms have maximum video lengths. For example 60 second videos on Instagram, up to 45 minutes on Facebook and 30 seconds on Twitter. However, each platform has optimum sizes and shapes of videos that mean the video grabs the attention of the viewer. Don’t make the mistake of using the same video on each platform.

Anyone can make a 10 minute video on how to make ‘Squidgy chocolate brownies’ but it takes creativity and skill to squeeze that into a short 60 second Instagram Video.

We help our clients with creating videos for social media campaigns including:

  • Facebook ads
  • Videos for Instagram ads
  • Twitter videos
  • Videos for LinkedIn
  • Video advertising on YouTube

Adding social videos into your marketing plan

There are many different ways of adding social video into your marketing strategy. Creating a video marketing strategy is key to making a video that will not only exceed your expectations, but will also help you win business and make more revenue.

Social media videos can deliver on a number of marketing objectives:

  • Brand awareness/telling your brand’s story: create shareable content and reach your target audience
  • Videos for lead generation: key is excellent scripting and a clear call to action
  • Customer engagement and support: answer customer questions and  faq enquiries in a visual and personal way
  • How- to videos: the most searched query on YouTube and a great way to add value to prospects


Take a look at the video marketing page to find out more about video marketing, how we  work with you to build a strategy for the video production, and more detail about what’s included in the Discovery Meeting.

Here at Ginger we have experience in creating videos to use on different social media platforms. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or service, want a talking head video, need a video to use in your marketing or for a social media advertising, Ginger can help.

We are skilled in producing a whole range of filmed video and animated styles that combine your ideas with our creative and technical expertise to create videos that really work for you.

Our video productions include:

We provide an all inclusive service, with a full, comprehensive transparent pricing, so you know exactly what’s included – so no surprises.

Here’s an outline of what’s included in our video productions. Hover over each box to see the detail.

For more detail about how we work take a look at the 7 step video success strategy

Take a look at the Video Marketing page to find out more about video marketing, how we  work with you to build a strategy for the video production, and more detail about what’s included in the Discovery Meeting.

If you are considering having a video produced for using on Social Media, or would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate in contacting us on 01488 670244.




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