Animation Videos

Animation and motion graphics videos are an extremely effective way to market your brand and increase your sales.

They are particularly effective for the following;  explaining abstract ideas, discussing a statistics heavy topic, discussing a topic that is process driven rather than people driven,  or if you need complete control over the environment.

Reasons to use Animated Videos

  • Bring your product to life and connect emotionally with viewers
  • Tell your story in way that prospects will find easy to remember
  • Build credibility and authority with prospects
  • Convey your value proposition quickly and clearly
  • Stand out from the competition with a video that explains what you do


Typical uses for animation videos:

  • Summarise complex concepts to customers in a simple and effective way
  • Use an animated video to explain how your website works
  • On a landing page, where it will help convert visitors
  • Use an animated demo or promotional video to showcase your product or service


Different styles of Animated Videos

Here are some examples of the different styes of Animated Videos we produce for our clients. We produce both 3D and 2D animated videos. 

  • Corporate Explainer Video: This is a professional  way of sharing your message
  • Motion Graphics Animation: These are non-narrative based visuals that are set in motion. These can include video, film, animation, illustration, photography, etc. Examples of these are animated logos and kinetic typography
  • Cartoon Style Animation: Cartoon animation explainer videos allow you to design your characters exactly how you want them to look. Your potential customers will get emotionally close to those characters and their stories. This makes them find the story in the video much more engaging and personal.
  • Whiteboard Animation:  The story is drawn on a whiteboard by hand, and then sped up in post-production so the drawing matches the voiceover. This style of video is great if you need to explain a complex message

Click on the images below to see examples:


Our animation productions include:

A team of highly experienced  designers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators and copywriters will create a unique animated solution for your business.

We provide an all inclusive service, with a full, comprehensive transparent pricing, so you know exactly what’s included – so no surprises.

Here’s an outline of what’s included in our animated productions.


For more detail about how we work take a look at the 7 step video success strategy

Take a look at the Video Marketing page to find out more about video marketing, how we  work with you to build a strategy for the video production, and more detail about what’s included in the Discovery Meeting.


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