7 Step Video Success Strategy


We understand that producing a video project can seem like a daunting experience, but our unique process takes all the uncertainty away.

Here at GingerVideo we use our ‘7 Step Video Success Strategy’, which is a step-by-step strategy for the entire video production process. This strategy guarantees you an outstanding video production every time.

You will have a dedicated team member acting as your point of contact, which ensures excellent communication at every stage of the production process, resulting in a streamlined, professional production.

1. Research

The first step of our strategy is Research. Before we even get near a camera we start with a discovery meeting with you. We complete a ‘Video Marketing Discovery Document’ together, and that helps us to fully understand your video requirements.

Among other things we find out about your business, and define the aims and objectives for your video.

Examples of the questions we ask are:

  • What is the outcome you want to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where will you be using the video?
  • We also discuss key words to be used in the scripting, agree deadlines, possible shooting dates and an outline production schedule with important stages documented.

By the end of this meeting we will both have a clear idea and vision of what we are going to deliver, how, and by when.

After this meeting we contact you and ask for information that will be required for your production, such as your company branding guidelines, company colours, logos and house fonts.

We are then ready for scripting the videos.

2. Scripting

Scripting is the starting point of an effective video, and acts as a blueprint for your video. There is a lot to consider when writing an effective script, which is why we support you through the whole process.

We hold a scripting meeting, where we work with you, using the information collected at the research stage to develop a key word driven script, with a strong call to action at the end. The aim is to develop a script where your target audience is engaged from the start of the video right to the end, and they get to see the call to action.

Some clients prefer to write their own scripts and pass them to us for approval, before we then we pass the scripts to you and all stakeholders for final sign off. Either way is fine by us.

3. Storyboarding

After the script has been finalised the next step is creating a storyboard for your video. Creating a storyboard makes production much easier as it; means we can share the vision with you, and any stakeholders, sets up a plan for the production, and saves time with revisions.

Depending on your individual video, this may be a visual storyboard, or an overview of how your video will unfold, shot by shot.

For filmed video this includes, for example, all the filming locations, shots you’ll need, the order that they’ll be laid out, and how the visuals will interact with the script. For whiteboard videos this involves an outline ‘rough storyboard’ of the frames characters and storyline.

It takes time for us to put the storyboard together, but it’s worth it, and makes the creative process run more smoothly.

4. Production

The next step is production, and with all the work completed during the pre-production phase we are prepared for the production phase.

On a filmed shoot we will have a detailed production schedule in place, the script will have been finalised, and everyone on the shoot knows what they are doing. The Director keeps the shoot on track, and to schedule. This is the fun part – where you see the concept come to life. The project is in safe hands, so you can enjoy it!

If the video is whiteboard or animation, then the storyboard has been approved, and the editors set to work drawing the frames, and bringing the video to life.

5. Editing

Now our editing team start to review the footage and edit it together into what will be your video. They work their magic, and depending on the pre agreed requirements add voiceovers, music, motion graphics or effects.

We’ll let you know when you’ll get to see the first edit of the video, but it’s usually within a couple of weeks. When we send you the first edit to review we’ll ask you for feedback. It’s natural for there to be some revisions made at this stage, and we simplify this process by sending you a detailed sheet, which guides you to look at various areas of the video that might need your feedback.

The editing team then set to work making those changes, which results in your final completed video.

6. Delivery

Once you are completely happy with the finished video production and it has been signed off as completed, we can then deliver it to you in your preferred format.

In the main we are asked by clients to upload completed videos to their YouTube channel, but can upload to any hosting platform. We can also provide your video in other formats, such as .mp4, .mov, or upload it to Dropbox for you.

The final video will be ready to play on your chosen platform, whether that be a DVD, website, laptop, phone or tablet.

Using the information gained at the initial meeting, and strategy established, we can now advise you on how to distribute your video in order to ensure that you get a maximum return on your investment.

7. Optimisation

Now comes the final, but crucial step in making your videos a success.

If your videos are uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo, then the last stage is for us to ‘optimise’ the videos on your chosen channel. Many people use Search Engine Optimisation on their websites, but not on their videos, which is just as important.

Amongst other things, and depending on what’s been agreed, we add a searchable title; add keyword tags, an optimised description, custom thumbnails and synced video transcripts and captions. Some of the research that we carried out at the beginning of the process is used again here, such as keywords for SEO.

So, that’s it, our ‘7 Step Video Success Strategy’ that guarantees you an outstanding video production every time.

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